Well, well PETA…what have we here?

Interesting, isn’t it, when things that you’ve said before show up later in a totally unrelated thing.  But that, when it happens, it reaffirms your position in the first place?  Yes, I think so too.

Today I was perusing Ecorazzi and came across this post.  Check it out, I’ll wait.  […]

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YDV Review: The Melt Bar and Grilled ~ Lakewood, Ohio

Ya’ll, I have a confession.  I am a grilled cheeze-a-holic.  I could eat ten grilled ooey gooey sammies and still have room for cupcakes.  (Great, I just made myself think about cupcakes)  They are, for me, the ultimate in comfort food.  I love bread, I love butter, and I […]

YDV random cuteness for the day

Too cute for words!

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Pig transport overturns killing 20

Arkansas State Police say a tractor-trailer rig hauling pigs overturned on a major highway.
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The Onion presents: The Shawn Johnson video

This time the spoof uses gymnast Shawn Johnson to show the insanity with killing a racing horse after it has been injured.
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Attention NYC! Mercy for Animals is coming to you this Friday!

Mercy For Animals is launching a New York City grassroots outreach office! Awesome, awesome awesome!
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