Pizza Hut Pizza

Pizza Hut Pizza offers a Thin-N-Crispy dough and it’s vegan, did you know?  I don’t have any cool vegan pizza shops in my neck of the woods so I was pretty surprised when I found out that I could maybe order a pizza from there.  And so I did.  See: Shitty Pizza Hut Pizza Remains pictured above.

That, that is the crap-tastic pizza that Pizza Hut had the audacity to send me.  I can’t believe that a Pizza Hut employee would box that sauce-less burnt pizza and send it out to a customer.  It’s a sacrilege- a fucking pizza sacrilege.

Goatz Rating 0Pizza Hut’s Thin-n-Crispy pizza crust gets 0 Goatz because of it’s revolting thin burnt cracker crust, dry sauce-less sauce and spattering of diced onions.

(They also get a special award for “the rudest manager on duty at a local Pizza Hut”.)