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Rustic Crust is Allright

By |June 21st, 2010|

Rustic Crust Pizza

I’m always looking for a good pizza crust.  It can be the most difficult step in the pizza process if you make your own dough, which I do sometimes.  But when time is scarce….

The two culprit ingredients always impeding my search for vegan crusts are honey and milk products (whey, cheese, solids, other etc. nastiness).  Then, I discovered Rustic Crust Ready-Made Old World Pizza Crust. Most, but not all, of the varieties are vegan.  I got my hands on the Classic Sourdough.

I find pre-made pizza crusts a bit dry for my taste- I prefer a slightly oily crust.  The Sourdough crust was no exception.  So, the second time I bought it, I made sure to brush it with some olive oil- much to the dismay of my dry-crust-loving-pizza-partner.  But, it all worked out.  It wasn’t too oily.

The crust sufficed.  Nothing really can replace a fresh dough ready to be baked into the thick, airy pie of a deep dish, or the thin, crispy skin of the New York style crust.  Rustic Crust blended with the sauce well and baked in my oven according to the instructions.

Goatz Rating 4Rustic Crust Classic Sourdough Pizza Crust gets 4 Goatz for sufficing in a pizza emergency.

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Charleen Angle is a lover of all the Earth's animals an all the Earth's music. Trained in the Fine Arts, she's an outspoken and compassionate 13 year vegan who will spend the rest of her life working on behalf of animals everywhere.

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