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Factory Farmed Pigs

They deserve better.

Have you ever wondered why a vegan will become so passionate when discussing what the word vegan means?  All of us here at YDV are extremely passionate, or unapologetic, for our veganism- and fiercely proud of it.  We take a consistent stand against the use of animals- which, some will attest to, is not always popular amongst the “mainstream” loving folks.  And, before I go any further, I just have to say that I don’t care about that one bit.  While I believe in respectful discussions on veganism, I do not worry if I am going to “fit in.”

I am passionate and consistent and I have to be.  I am working to break stereotypes, myths, and….whatever this is classified as:

“Animal rights” is a phrase that has been stolen by extremists who view farmers and ranchers as terrorists and who advocate for the complete abolition of meat, dairy and egg products in the American diet, as well as the end to livestock production.

That quote is from Animal Rights: What’s Your Definition? published on the popular website, beefmagazine.com.  More interestingly, this comment:

I don’t believe animals have the same rights as people, and I also believe that people forget animals are personal property, not people.

So the next time you wonder why vegans are so passionate (or mistakenly thought of as angry), think back to that statement above.  It tells volumes about the mindset of humans.

It also tells volumes about what vegans are up against.

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