Lifespan of flies is longer than calves

As a human, I am capable of moral and ethical choices. I am also capable of compassion. Indeed, it's what makes me the superior species- if there could even be such a thing since I can't fly, breath under water, run 70 miles an hour, or any of the other amazing things non-humans can do.
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So far, I love being vegan

I plan to help spread the word of what vegans are about and support other vegans like I have been supported. So far, I love being vegan and I plan to continue practicing the lifestyle.

Anti-Vegan Screed is Compost

I suppose we'll just all say, "fuck it," and consume unabated, reproduce, and teach our children the same self-destructive behaviour.
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Vegans Love Twitter on Saturday Too

Due to unavoidable circumstances, I totally missed Follow Friday! No matter, I'm spotlighting three vegan tweeters on a Saturday. That's just how I roll.
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Luck of the (vegan) Irish to you this St. Patrick’s Day

Still haven't planned your St. Patrick's Day meal? Don't worry you still have time, and I've got the recipes. Maybe you're only worried about the green beer. We've got that too.

Vegan News 3.17.11

Your daily dose of vegan centric news in bite size portions.
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