“They are Somebodies, not Somethings”

"The Philosophy of Animal Rights is on the side of reason, for it is not rational to discriminate arbitrarily."
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Ravens, Crows, Pigeons and Robins- the Birds

Birds are highly intelligent and capable of amazing things. And I get to witness it.
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Simple Vegan Broccoli

Sometimes it's nice to have something simple and something healthy- it's even better when it's delicious.

Is Cultured Dextrose lurking in your vegan food?

I picked up some hummus at the grocer's the other day. As I do instinctively with every item I pick up, I read the ingredients. "Cultured dextrose" appeared at the end. Turns out, it may not be vegan.

Ah, Ginger, we’d roll over for you

Caught in the Act with Grandma Lucy's Treats!

Vegans Must Be Environmentalists

In the U.S., the gray wolves have lost their protected status, but in the Antarctic, whales are experiencing a reprieve from Japan's annual hunt.