The Invisible Choice

"Animals will continue to die, but it will not be because of me."

Thank You, Bean Salad & People Who Don’t Suck

Happy Memorial Day, and also- sorry I suck! I hope your day was filled with rainbows and unicorns, or at least some awesome vegan BBQ.
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I Like Vegetables

I'm gonna eat the chard right out your yard.

Get Pumped With These (vegan) Juice Recipes

Juice. It's delicious, refreshing, and chock full of nutrients. It's also the star of our latest giveaway. The winner was chosen by a random drawing and the winner is...

Excuse me, I’m only human.

You are only human- amazing, wonderful, and capable.
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Will Animals Become Extinct If We Stop Exploiting Them?

Is using eggs, milk, and wool the only way to ensure the existence of the animals that produce them?