Mango Cobbler with Luscious Rum Anglaise

If you've ever been fortunate enough to travel to the Caribbean, then this next dessert will remind you of warm tropical evenings spent at the rum bar, sipping rum with just-cracked-open-and-blended fresh coconut milk, and enjoying the local fruits.

Vegan News 8.30.11: Recipe Edition

Three minute vegan cake recipes, coconut scones, coconut cornbread, and a YDV flashback. It's the news, recipe edition.
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Unlearning A Learned Behavior

You are born knowing that causing the death of an(other) animal is wrong, you are only taught that it's acceptable.
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Vegan News 8.29.11

94.7 million pounds of lobster, antibacterial insects on the endangered species list, misguided so-called journalism, and a total WTF- it's the vegan news, baby.
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Lobsters Are Freaking Cool

How much do you know about lobsters? Lobsters are fascinating, wonderful- maybe a bit angry, but you'd be too if your only legacy was a being a bright red smiling face on plastic bibs.
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Curry In A Hurry, Two Ways

What do you do when you want (mostly) raw vegan and your date doesn't? Make Spicy Peanut Curry two ways!