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Vegan News 8.30.11: Recipe Edition

By |August 30th, 2011|

Vegan Waffles

  • Beet Sunflower Pesto would not only look great on some crusty bread or a lovely salad, but also my rump as this pesto is oil-free!  I love how mainstream sites showcase vegan recipes.
  • It’s another recipe using coconut!  Theme!  These Coconut Banana Scones sound like a tropical treat that would go great with a shot of great rum or freshly juiced tropical fruits.  (Plus they were made in a scone pan. A scone pan! I had no idea and now I totally want one.  I’ve got a, well, thing for pans (and kitchen gadgets, and cupcake liners, and cookie cutters, and….).
  • Flashback: Some days, it pays to have a stock pile of vegan waffles in your freezer.  Okay hell, any day is a good day to have waffles in your freezer.  Particularly if they are my very special vegan egg-no waffles.  Hands down, these are my favorite. waffles. ever.  And, hello, theme! Try making these with coconut flour and top with shredded coconut.  
    [happy sigh]

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