Should You Boycott Bob’s Red Mill?

Bob's Red Mill released a statement saying they aren't funding animal research, but are they? Should you still boycott Bob's Red Mill? Here's some food for thought.
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My Animal UN-Friendly Commute

I was horrified, but due to traffic flow I couldn’t get close to the truck and I lost it. So instead I cry in what is the worst case of helplessness I’ve felt in a long time.

The Miracle Plant Americans Can’t Have

It is the world's oldest and most versatile crop. It can be grown without pesticides and herbicides. It's also the single most nutritious food item on the planet. So, what is this miracle plant and why can't Americans have any?

Confessions Of An Ethical Vegan

Now what? I'm an ethical vegan. Do I tell people? I run a vegan website, are they going to find out? Are people going to think I'm dumb? That I did it on purpose? I didn't. Here's my confession.

Pig Lauded As Hero, Amazes Humans

Zhu Jianqiang the pig has been amazing humans since his debut in 2008 for doing exactly what you'd expect from [another] animal.
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Google Supports Factory Farms in Effort to be “Green”

Google is helping fund, create, and otherwise perpetuating a market for a byproduct of CAFOs- an industry that is one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide worldwide.
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