Two Ways To Brighten Your Vegan Day

I bet you never thought that "honey" and soap would go together so nicely, but they do. Well, in this post anyway!

Stylish Vegan Accessories For Spring

My wardrobe had a spattering of wool and silk but more evidently, my shoe and handbag selection were primarily made of leather. I was dismayed by the fact I had never thought about this and that my passion for fashion was unnecessarily counteracting my beliefs.
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Cooking with The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen

Let your taste buds travel around the world- all without having to break out your passport. This gorgeous cookbook is jam-packed with tantalizing recipes to try and I want to give you a copy!

Not a Perfect Vegan

Being vegan is a journey that is filled with people doing the best they can to muddle through a life filled with animal-laden obstacles.

Is Lupin the New Soy?

Many people know lupin as a beautiful wild flower - or a pesky weed, depending on your perspective. Its seeds are poisonous, but a variant called sweet lupin is grown as a legume.
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Tales, T-shirts, and Thanks

From great sadness and tragedy comes compassion and kindness.