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We Believe in Your Mission

As ethical vegans, we believe that animal sanctuaries play a vital and necessary role in the welfare of rescued animals. We help organizations spread their stories to an audience who cares about, and deeply supports, their mission.  We do this by sharing news, press releases, and stories from sanctuaries all over the world.

Let us help you raise awareness.

rescue chimp at an animal sanctuary
rescue cow at an animal sanctuary
rescue goat at an animal sanctuary

Sanctuary Database Listing

To list your organization in our Sanctuary Database we require the following information:

  • Name and Address of Organization
  • Physical Address
  • Web Address (if applicable)

Other Requests

For all other requests such as press releases, fundraising or community events, stories about sanctuary residents, etc we require the following information:

  • Name of Organization
  • Web Address
  • Press Release, News Story or Similar
  • One Photography (minimum) to accompany article

A Note About Photos

We have found that the more photographs that accompany an article on Sanctuary Spotlight, the more that story is shared through social media.  We encourage and permit up to 5 photos with each article.  These photos should be no smaller than 600 x 400 pixels.  All credit and copyright to the photos you provide to Your Daily Vegan will remain yours and stated as such in each article.

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