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Since 2009, I have been on a mission to bring the vegan evolution to the masses. Critical journalism, lifestyle resources, and vegan recipes is what I do best. Your Daily Vegan is the website to turn to when you need information on everything from the ethical consequences of the bee industry, to how to make a delicious vegan meal for your family. I do it all. For the past seven years I have spent hours meticulously researching topics and documenting them here. Veganism is my passion and it drives me to do better each and every day.

In order for me to continue providing quality information, I need your financial support.

Your donation will help me pay for things like hosting fees, domain fees, plugin costs, and more. I don’t charge for the information I provide on this site, and with your support I won’t ever have to. I appreciate the support more than this webpage can say. Thank you for helping me help other to live a healthy, happy vegan life. – KD Angle-Traegner

Full Disclosure: Your Daily Vegan is not a non-profit organization, so unfortunately your contributions are not tax deductible.

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