Open Thy Vegan Mouth and Speak Out

I'm sick of hearing that vegans need to keep their veganism to themselves. They shouldn't, you shouldn't. Speak up and speak out.
By |December 21st, 2012|Opinion|1 Comment|

Akron Vegan Bake Sale for Japan this Saturday!

Fellow Akron vegans, I'm going- are you?
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Take Action! No Permit for Hi-Q’s CAFO in Ohio.

There is only 6 days to take action and stand against yet another CAFO in Ohio. Your voice is needed now.
By |February 17th, 2011|News|38 Comments|

Candy-coated Veganism Is Giving Me a Bellyache

And if you're not "indignant" about the lack of commitment to the vegan ideology, then you are ignoring a problem that will only get worse and that will reduce our credibility as a serious movement trying to affect change.
By |August 24th, 2010|Opinion|25 Comments|

Vegan Unification

What I am questioning is, why should we settle for a watered-down version of what being vegan means? Is it difficult to be vegan? Sometimes, but it wouldn't be if there were more vegans.

When is a vegan not a vegan?

Can a careless and lazy vegan still be considered a vegan?