25% of Montrealers + antidepressants = eco-decline

"...we are seeing an impact on the river’s ecosystem, which should concern cities everywhere..."

Unintentional Victims of the world’s fisheries

"Sea turtles are sentinel species of how oceans are functioning. The impacts that human activities have on them give us an idea as to how those same activities are affecting the oceans on which billions of people around the world depend for their own well-being."

Bluefin tuna on way to extinction

The powers that be and the "experts" have failed. It's up to the citizens to decrease demand for the cruel products. Stop eating sushi and other fish. Pass it on.

60% + 10 years = Less sushi bars

Ahead of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, in Doha, Qatar, on March 13-27, the European Union will ask for a global ban on fishing for Atlantic bluefin tuna.

Fishing Claims Another Victim

The U.S. government has recommended an endangered listing for the Loggerhead sea turtle. The Loggerhead's numbers have been decimated by fishing gear and damage to their nesting sites.

Mayor of Fishing Village Portrayed in The Cove Defends Killing

The mayor of Taiji, in Japan, feels obligated to defend dolphin slaughter, after The Cove wins the Oscar. He uses the now, hip justification for killing animals- cultural tradition.