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    5 Reasons to Declare Your Independence from Fireworks This 4th of July

5 Reasons to Declare Your Independence from Fireworks This 4th of July

Red rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air... here's why you should skip the fireworks this Independence Day.

What You Should Know Before Bringing Home an Easter Bunny

Did you know that thousands of domestic rabbits are purchased for Easter? After cats and dogs, rabbits are the most prevalent animal you’ll find at a shelter. But some statistics say that 95% of “Easter bunnies” given as gifts don’t make it to age one.

Not that anyone should ever purchase an animal […]

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Happy (Vegan) Holidays 2012!

All of us here at YDV wish you and yours a very Merry Holiday! May your day be filled with family, fun, feasting, and cookies.

The Ultimate Vegan Sugar Cut Out Cookie with Royal Icing

It never really feels like the holidays to me until cut-out cookies make their appearance. This recipe creates a soft, rich cookie worthy of the phrase, "this is the best damn vegan sugar cut out cookie I've ever had."

Luck of the (vegan) Irish to you this St. Patrick’s Day

Still haven't planned your St. Patrick's Day meal? Don't worry you still have time, and I've got the recipes. Maybe you're only worried about the green beer. We've got that too.

Happy Holidays

May your day be filled family, fun, and feasting....and cookies.
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