Hey, the mainstream media say animal rights are a good thing

Really, no kidding. I'm not joshin' ya. They really did say that. Cross my heart...and all.
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Supreme Court to Legalize Hate Crimes

Now that I have your attention, what's the moral difference between actually engaging in an illegal act and recording an illegal act to make money?
By |April 22nd, 2010|News|1 Comment|

Israel to Ban Fur. Except, not.

Israel is not a huge fur market, for apparently, two reasons- "Jewish faith forbids undue suffering for animals," and of course, it's hot in Israel.
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Bluefin tuna on way to extinction

The powers that be and the "experts" have failed. It's up to the citizens to decrease demand for the cruel products. Stop eating sushi and other fish. Pass it on.

Fishing Claims Another Victim

The U.S. government has recommended an endangered listing for the Loggerhead sea turtle. The Loggerhead's numbers have been decimated by fishing gear and damage to their nesting sites.

Vegan Discrimination?

The Equality and Human Rights Commission in the United Kingdom, has drafted legislation to protect vegans from discrimination.
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