Vegan Illustratus: 2nd Annual Valentines Day Edition

It's Valentine's Day which means it's time for Vegan Illustratus: the 2nd Annual Valentine's Day edition!
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Love on the Farm – Bonds between farm animals

Love on the farm, an adorable reminder that love is not solely a human quality.
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Catering is nice, people agree

The food is tastier because it's flavored with, "I didn't have to chop vegetables" and, "I didn't have to clean up the prep mess."
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Home-baked vegan valentine, there’s still time

Unique. Cute. Fun. Easy. Lots of Love. That's everything I like about a home-made gift.
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Vegan Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas

Food is primal, fun, not to mention necessary for survival, and, can be, quite sexy. And it makes a lovely gift for someone you love.
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Vegan llustratus | Valentine’s Day Edition

Vintage Vegan Illustratus. Meat inspired valentine cards.
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