I was researching websites on animal shelters.  I’m not going to post at length just yet.  I am too emotionally drained.  I need some time to process everything.

I knew animal shelters killed animals. I knew.  I even knew the stats.  I didn’t know that the stats added up to 6-8 million animals placed in shelters per year.

I read a stat today that said that 3-4 million animals were killed each year in shelters.  3 to 4 MILLION animals KILLED each year in shelters.

Take some time and check out the website for Friends of Life Animal Shelter.  It’s one of many, I know.  But I like the connection to veganism.  I’ll mention many more shelters in the future, I’m sure.  Because, no living creature should die afraid and alone simply because someone didn’t want them anymore.

This is a picture of my dog Fredd.  She could have ended up a shelter dog or worse.  I’m so glad she didn’t.

Fredd - a very loved companion