On Their Own Terms

So why did this book review take twice as long as I imagined it would? Simple. The book made me re-examine myself, and because it did, I had no idea where I wanted to start.

A Rising Vegan Chef, Happy Herbivore

I spent some time with the new Happy Herbivore cookbook, then spent some time interviewing Lindsay Nixon. Find out what she has to say about her new book, her husband, and what she's going to be doing next!

YDV Book Review, yes it’s our FIRST book review!

Betcha didn't know that we reviewed books too, did ya? Well it's true, we love to read the old-fashioned way! Today we're reviewing, Vegan in 30 Days, Get Healthy. Save the World by Sarah Taylor. This book is a handy little how-to guide into the practical beginnings of veganism.