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Cover for the film, 101 Dalmations. Features a cartoon drawing of a bunch of dalmation puppies sitting in front of a car with a woman in a yellow coat standing next to it.

Disney’s 101 Dalmations

1961 · G · 1h 19m


Disney’s 101 Dalmatians feature a story about a villain named Cruella de Vil. Cruella hires thieves to steal a sweet and spunky litter of Dalmatians to make herself a coat out of their beautiful spotted fur. The story centers around Cruella’s attempts to capture the puppies as well as their struggle to return home safely.

About the Filmmakers

101 Dalmatians was produced by Walt Disney Home Entertainment. Find out more about the film at


“One of Disney’s best-ever animated features, 101 Dalmatians arrived at a time when the studio’s output was getting a second wind. Made just after Lady And The Tramp and Sleeping Beauty, and with The Jungle Book not far away, it was a rich time for Disney, and fans of animated movies. 101 Dalmatians is simply wonderful in its own right, though. In Cruella De Vil, Disney put on screen one of its finest ever villains, and its charming collection of characters are a joy to spend time with. There’s lot to enjoy on the disc, and as always, Disney has provided something for all ages of viewers. The making-of piece in particular is of interest, given that it brings modern-day Disney talent together to look back at what makes the film so special. Unsurprisingly, Cruella gets a special feature all of her own, too. But if you’re looking for an archive treat, the correspondence between Walt Disney and the book’s author, Dodie Smith is just lovely. Finally, there’s the film itself, cleaned up and looking utterly pristine in 1080p, with a sparkling audio mix accompanying it. It’s incredible that a film made so many decades ago maintains such a spring in its step, and it’s with good reason that 101 Dalmatians remains one of the most popular, and best, movies that Walt Disney Studios has every produced.” – Jon Foster, Amazon

“It was my first time watching this and it was good. I always thought this was an 80’s or 90’s movie but it’s even earlier. The story was great. No animal should be a fur coat. This will have you rooting for the dogs the entire time.” – Brando G., Amazon

“I have been wanting to show my kids this great classic disney movie. It never gets old no matter how old you get. My kids enjoyed and loved the movie just as I did as a kid and still do now. It was in the vault when we rented this and we were on a disney movie night, so we had to rent this to watch with the rest of the disney movies. Can’t complain about this movie at all it is Disney movie that can never go wrong. I highly recommend watching this movie for one of your family movie nights!” – Jennifer, Amazon

“I am 60 years old and believe it or not it is my favorite movie, I first seen it when it first came out and have loved it every since. I would watch it when ever possible, now that I own it I will watch it often as I am a grown up kid in a since, it is a very good and educational movie, besides I am a dog lover too!” – Gregory M. Verdell, Amazon


Cover for the film, 101 Dalmations. Features a cartoon drawing of a bunch of dalmation puppies sitting in front of a car with a woman in a yellow coat standing next to it.

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