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Cover for the book, Dairy-Free Ice Cream. Features a ice cream sundae sitting on a napkin with a spoon nearby and sitting on a wooden tabletop with a black background.

Dairy-Free Ice Cream: 75 Recipes Made Without Eggs, Gluten, Soy, or Refined Sugar

Author: Kelly Brozyna · Subject: Cookbooks


In Dairy-Free Ice Cream you will find all of your favorite ice cream flavors free of dairy, gluten, grains, soy, and refined sugar. Chapters include Cool Tips for Perfect Ice Cream, A History of Dairy-Free Ice Cream, The Classics, Coffee & Tea Ice Cream, Yogurt Pops & Sorbet, Ice Cream Cakes & Sandwiches, and Toppings.

For both health and personal reasons, eliminating dairy has improved the lives of so many people. With Dairy-Free Ice Cream you can not only enjoy every flavor of ice cream again, but avoid refined sugars, harmful oils, soy, preservatives, and other common ingredients found in store-bought dairy-free ice cream. Making your own dairy-free ice cream is affordable, healthy, and fun for the whole family. Delight guests at your next birthday party with ice cream sandwiches or build-your-own sundaes!

About the Author

Kelly V. Brozyna has showcased healthy gluten-free recipes, nutrition tips, podcasts, and videos on her blog since 2008. Her recipes and photography have been featured on, The Huffington Post,, Living Without magazine, and Paleo Magazine. Kelly is the author of three previous books.


“Living a life gluten, soy, refined sugar, and dairy free can be quite a challenge. But in my opinion it is so worth it. Kelly’s Dairy-Free Ice Cream Book has brought me and my family such joy in being able to eat ice cream again! My children and I don’t tolerate dairy well; so having this book has brought much pleasure back into our lives. Even my husband, who can eat dairy, loves these recipes. So far I have made the salted caramel chocolate chunk ice cream, bing cherry ice cream, and the strawberry ice cream. They were all eaten by the second day! The bing cherry ice cream was my fave; in fact, I ate 4 scoops all by myself! We are enjoying the ice cream so much that we are making 2 to 3 different ice creams per week! The recipes are very easy to make with clear instructions and with few ingredients. The ice creams are made with coconut milk as the base then nut milk. If you can’t do nut’s, then you can use hemp milk. I like to make mine with my homemade almond milk. Even though my son hates coconut, he loves these ice creams! I have bought many cookbooks as of late, but this book has been a real treat for me. I must say it has been my favorite book to date so far. Whether you can or can’t handle dairy, you will enjoy these recipes.” – Theresa Bianco, Amazon

“Great book! Lots of different flavors of frozen dairy-free ice cream like pistachio, fried banana, and amaretto cherry… plus the traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Love the way recipes tell you how you can change to various sweeteners like agave, honey, or stevia and how you can also vary the type non-dairy milk like coconut, cashew, hemp, etc…. Pictures are beautiful and recipes easy to follow.” – Fav, Amazon

“My favorite dessert cookbook! Allergies and this fixes a lot of the cravings for things you can’t have gluten free and dairy free. cant tell the difference in ingredients that are used. Husband loves the receipts and does not have allergies! It’s a highly recommended keeper!” – Yoga4Life, Amazon


Cover for the book, Dairy-Free Ice Cream. Features a ice cream sundae sitting on a napkin with a spoon nearby and sitting on a wooden tabletop with a black background.

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