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Cover for the book Transforming Your Life with Raw Food. Features a closeup of a man.

Transforming Your Life With Raw Food

2009 · Unrated · 60m


In Transforming Your Life With Raw Food you’ll learn about Healthy Weight Loss, Overcoming Obesity, and How to Live an Ecstatic Life! Philip McCluskey discovered and now shares how to overcoming obesity through vibrant eating and living. It begins with raw food, and it continues with a whole host of ecstatic living tools.

Learn how to enjoy exercise, trust your intuition, release your need to control, calm your mind, and re-discover your inner kid-like ability to have fun. Most importantly Transforming Your Life With Raw Food will teach you how to fully love yourself and create the best life ever.

Through his entire life, Philip had tried everything to reverse his morbid obesity, unsuccessfully attempting over 30 diets, and almost going through with gastric bypass surgery. Find out how Philip became half the size he used to be (and twice the man!), dropping over 200lbs, and keeping it off.

About the Filmmakers

Philip McCluskey is a motivational speaker, author, and weight loss expert who inspires and educates thousands worldwide about the raw food lifestyle after he lost over 215 pounds naturally. After thirty failed diet attempts and the looming prospect of gastric bypass surgery, raw food saved Philip’s life, transforming him from a morbidly obese 400 pounds to a fit, energized, and glowing 185 pounds.

Passionate about the vibrant health and energy he gained when he lost his poor eating habits and emotional hang-ups, Philip has made it his mission to spread hope and health to others. He has appeared as a guest speaker at health events, CBS show The Doctors, Jack LaLanne commercials, and has also inspired over a million viewers who have followed his journey on YouTube. He is the author of six books.


“After Philip had spoken to a sold-out crowd, many of them told me that he was the most authentic, compassionate and loving speaker they’d ever hear. Transforming Your Life With Raw Food delivery was fast, funny, tear-jerking thought provoking and captivating. My customers are already asking me to host him again, and we are still receiving letters of thanks for this life changing night.” – Shazzie, author of Detox Your World

Transforming Your Life With Raw Food is so special, and what I got from it was worth more than I paid. Philip is amazing soul and beautiful inside and out. I have been on again off again raw for about three years but Philip inspires beyond words. He never tells you what is right and what is wrong, he instead encourages you to follow your heart and see what works for you. His humor and jokes made me giggle and warmed my heart as well. He is wise beyond words and so humble. His knowledge is mind-blowing and it proves that do not judge a book by its cover. Philip may be young but his wisdom is ageless. He makes so much sense and it’s surprising he has only been doing this for around three years. He is very switched on and very confident in who he is. I loved watching this, it felt not like a lecture on DVD, but instead watching a friend tell me what he has done, what experience he has gained and how I can follow my own path. You won’t want to watch this only once. I can guarantee that you will put this on when you are feeling at a crossroads in your raw journey when you just need a little background noise while you do stuff or just to reconnect and watch a brilliant soul. Even if you have been on your raw journey for many years, you will still benefit from this DVD. Philip is like no other and shines beyond the television screen.” – J. Hasanen, Amazon


Cover for the book Transforming Your Life with Raw Food. Features a closeup of a man.

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