Project Description

Cover for the film, Vegan 2016. Features a red, yellow, purple, and green colored squares with faint images of people in them.

Vegan 2016

2016 · Unrated · 35m


Film-maker and journalist Klaus Mitchell of Plant-Based News has released, Vegan 2016. The film takes a close look at the notable vegan events of 2016 and examines the role the media play in shaping peoples perceptions of the vegan movement.

About the Filmmakers

Vegan 2016 was produced by Plant Based News and directed by Klaus Mitchell. Find out more about the film at


“This film is a must watch! It reveals the exciting times ahead for veganism as a social change movement. Whilst making it clear their are significant challenges to overcome if we are going to make veganism the world diet of choice. 2017 is going to be incredibly exciting for anyone interested in veganism. Watch this film. . .as they continue to disrupt the conventional narrative.” – Clarkson, Damien. “New Film Vegan 2016 Released by Plant Based 9 Dec 2016

“The most comprehensive 35 minutes about veganism on the internet. Great film!” – Cool, Carbed, and Collected, YouTube

“I have literally been waiting for this all year since the last one. Great job. Its always good, sometimes to look back at what we have achieved, or else we just feel like we are fighting a never ending battle.” – Adam Palin, YouTube

“Fabulous… and I do think that the ‘disrupting’ the conventional narrative is perfect way of describing this venture. With such clear and indisputable evidence that is being drawn on and the more academic audiences that are likely to be drawn to this work, it really represents what plant based news is doing. So exciting!” – PigeonPea, YouTube

“I’ve thought about this for years, and juiced for 23 days. After watching this ….. I will am not going to buy anymore meat & animal products. I have compassion for animals & couldn’t watch any of the exposes inside the slaughterhouses. It would be too painful. So, I’m done. It will be raw & vegan from now on. Thank you.” – Megadrummerboy16, YouTube

“Thank you so much for this video! It’s so powerful. Fantastic effort summing up the global vegan movement – it is inspiring to see that we really are making a difference. I was so moved to tears watching this. You have created something that can motivate, inspire and impassion. This helps to give us the fighting spirit, to never stop challenging, never stop defending and to help others swallow that ‘red pill’ to see the world for what it really is. I’ll be sharing this!” – Theroadnottakenvegan, YouTube

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