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Cover for the book, On Their Own Terms. Features a pair of grey wolves running through snow.

On Their Own Terms: Animal Liberation for the 21st Century

Author: Lee Hall · Subject: Animal Rights & Activism


Why the need for a new animal-liberation philosophy? We are owning up to our role in the disruption of our climate. Now, we need to do better than react to serial emergencies. It’s time to redefine our role within Earth’s great biological community.

On Their Own Terms: Animal Liberation for the 21st Century uncovers our personal connections with the current emissions and extinction crises. It explores the human potential to fit our own habitat while allowing nonhuman communities to thrive in theirs.

Explore the hits and misses of animal and environmental advocacy. Learn the ethics underlying the burgeoning vegan movement. And consider some personal goal-setting exercises. This book is a call to community action and your workshop for social change.

About the Author

Ten years of experience as an airline worker, including numerous encounters with shipped animals, forged Lee Hall’s interest in animal-liberation philosophy. Hall earned a law degree at age 37, then worked in immigration legal services, taught immigration and animal law at Rutgers University, and served as an animal lawyer in the non-profit world for a decade. In 2014, Hall earned a Master of Laws in environmental law with a focus on climate change. Hall has been interviewed for Allegheny Front Environmental Radio, Alternet, and Court TV, and teaches at Widener University – Delaware Law.

Your Daily Vegan Review

I’ve read the book at least three times now, skimmed it more times than I can count.  I’ve bent the pages to mark important thoughts, highlighted quotes or paragraphs of interest, and even tucked notes on scraps of paper inside the book of my own thoughts on the topic. It’s the type of book that encourages you to rethink the things that are embedded in society, in our culture, and even in our own personal histories.

And this book is so much more. It encourages people to broaden their minds and look at situations from another perspective- one where the autonomy of animals is important (and the goal). It is a book that I will continue to refer to as an animal advocate over and over again, and one that I will pass along to vegans and non-vegans alike.

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“Hall succeeds as well in Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth in her discussion of campaign tactics. “Attempting to design a campaign or community around a regular diet of blood and every imaginable suffering, she writes, “probably won’t attract most healthy people to our cause. That reality is often forgotten when groups excuse sensationalism, sexism or any kind of insensitivity to human experiences by insisting such advertising brings a lot of attention, and thus supporters. We have no way of measuring how many people that insensitivity chases away from the same cause…” – Merritt Clifton. Animal People

“Attorney Lee Hall’s On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth is one part study guide, one part vitamin pill for anyone with an interest in assisting animals, or understanding those of us who do. Its that rare book that is a simultaneously compelling narrative and reference-worthy, and will be returned to again and again.” – VegNews April 2011


Cover for the book, On Their Own Terms. Features a pair of grey wolves running through snow.

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