About Guest Contributor, Amy Bradley

In addition to her deeply-held vegan values, Amy Bradley is vegan for the more practical reason that the vegan bakery is closest to her home. She has been vegan and an animal rights activist for 14 years and loves to adopt and foster companion animals. The furry members of her household outnumber the humans, so the dogs take over the couch while she, her husband and son pet them from their place on the floor. Amy taught high school for ten years and works in education. Her students informed her that she not only wears her veganism on her sleeve (literally) but shouts it from a megaphone (occasionally).

(Vegan) Frozen Treats that Beat the Heat!

My favorite vegan ice cream development since college isn’t that some places even have vegan soft serve, it’s that ice cream has chunks of amazing goodness in it. We can have cookie dough, peanut butter chunks, cookies ‘n’ cream, and brownies in our cartons, and we can do it all without the cruelty.

Saying Goodbye to Good Night, Gorilla

I thought we had gotten rid of toys and books that implicitly, through storylines and latent assumptions, told our son that human dominance over animals is the correct set up. But one day when I was cleaning up after a day of toddler mayhem, I found Good Night, Gorilla on my son’s bedroom floor.

Vegans to the Rescue!

Being vegan is about what we consume, and what we consume also entails what we buy. We shouldn't buy animals—not whole or in pieces, dead or alive.