Good news for vegan sandwiches everywhere

Let’s talk mayonnaise.

It’s critical in creamy dishes like potato salad, macaroni salad, and coleslaw. Mayo makes a terrific sandwich spread and is perfect for dipping french fries. From sauces to dressings to adding just the right amount of creaminess, mayo is incredibly versatile.

Luckily, getting a dairy-free version of that creamy taste you love has never been easier. This guide will introduce you to them and give you everything you need to know.

First, we'll go shopping. I'll tell you all the brands to look for at the store. Next, we'll be in the kitchen with a bunch of vegan recipes to inspire you.

It's all things mayo. Let's go.



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1. Shopping guide

Here’s what you need to know before you head to the store.

Find vegan mayo in stores

Generally speaking, you'll be able to spot vegan versions of mayo in well-stocked grocery stores. These days even big box stores like Target and Walmart stock them.

Like egg-based mayonnaise, you'll find vegan options at stores in two different spots; the refrigerated section and the middle aisles.

Check the refrigerated section with the other perishable mayonnaise products because many stores stock vegan versions next to non-vegan ones. Look for a dedicated vegan section if you don't see any there.

You'll have more choices in the middle aisles alongside other shelf-stable versions.

Here are a few vegan brands.

Vegan mayo brands

Purchasing note

Hellman's, owned by Unilever, also makes an eggless mayo that's widely available.

I decided not to link to it because of their frivolous, almost lawsuit and behind-the-scenes conspiracy to thwart the success of "vegan mayonnaise" made by Just, formerly Hampton Creek Foods. Which we can agree is not cool.

Having options is vital if veganism is going to go mainstream. I love that companies are taking notice and creating more vegan products. And if I was stranded on a desert island and the only vegan choice was Hellman's, I would eat it.

But, if I were at a grocery store where other choices are available, I'd choose a different brand.

That's just me.


2. Vegan mayo recipes

Ready for cooking inspiration? These recipes will surely satisfy you.

Recipes to try

  1. Aquafaba Mayo
    Minimalist Baker
  1. Vegan Mayo
    Love & Lemons
  1. Vegan Mayonnaise
    Loving It Vegan
  1. Vegan Mayo
    The Simple Veganista
  1. Vegan Mayo
    Vegan Heaven
  1. Vegan Mayo
    The Hidden Veggies
  1. Oil-Free Vegan Mayo
    Vegan Huggs
  1. Allergy-Free Vegan Mayonnaise
    Strength & Sunshine
  1. 5-minute Vegan Mayonnaise
    Full of Plants

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