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Hi! I’m KD Angle-Traegner and I run Your Daily Vegan. Did you have something you wanted to talk to me about? No problem, I’ve got a form for that and it’s listed below for your convenience!

Here’s my prerequisite disclaimer: I receive a lot of email every day. I try really hard to return emails in a timely manner (in the order in which they were received), but it is an ever-challenging thing to do. To that end, I’ve created a frequently asked question list for your use below. These are the top questions that I’m asked and you may just find the answer you are looking for without having to send an email at all. But, if you check the FAQ and don’t find what you are looking for, no problem- just email me. If it’s appropriate, I’ll pen you out a response as fast as I can.

KD Angle-Traegner, Founder & Creator Your Daily Vegan

How Can I Help You?

Business Inquiries


Send me some mail! Seriously, please. As a 2nd generation philatelist, I have a deep love of the US Postal system. And who doesn’t love getting mail, amirite? Send me comments, suggestions, rants, raves, products, or anything you want me to see to: Your Daily Vegan, Attn: KD Angle-Traegner, PO Box 3891 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223. I can’t wait to see what you send.

I am a member of the Mediavine Publisher Network, please click here for information about advertising on Your Daily Vegan.

Thank you, but I’m not accepting proposals for sponsored content on this site or social media accounts at this time.

If you have a project for paid content that would live on your site or social media accounts, please feel free to get in touch with more details.

I am available for freelance writing projects, please fill out the form below. Please be sure to include the project details and budget.

Thank you for thinking of me but I’m not hosting giveaways on this site or social media accounts at this time. The same goes for product reviews.

Thank you anyway but please do not send me your infographic to share.

First, congratulations and best wishes! I receive a large amount of requests to promote various projects, kickstarters or other fundraiser. As much as I’d like to share all of these requests with my readers, doing so is impossible. I could never promote every single thing I am asked to and still have time for my own work. I do not use Twitter or other social media account for this purpose. Exceptions to this policy are extremely (extremely) rare.

Please, no requests or “I know you don’t do this but” emails.

Note: Emails requesting me to promote fundraising efforts will not receive a response.

Feel free to send me press releases, tips, sanctuary spotlight announcements, or anything that you think would interest my readers. Please note: I reserve the right to not publish anything for any reason, submission does not guarantee publication.

Frequently Asked Questions


Get in touch with me on social media!

I get a lot of questions about where to find items. Try and Google it and see what you get. That’s what I’d do. If you can’t find it that way, you can always try to tweet it. Twitter can be very helpful when searching for a specific vegan item, plus you get the benefit of the global population.

Your Daily Vegan is and always will be a safe place for vegans and those who are interested in veganism. While I encourage open discussion on any of the articles written, I will not tolerate belligerent and nonsensical behavior or attacks on other readers. This includes comments meant only to antagonize vegans. All comments are moderated at published at my sole discretion.

Thank you for sharing my work! Please give the following proper credit when sharing content from this site. 

Note: If you adhere to the following guidelines, there is no need to email asking for permission.

Sharing Images

  • You can share one (1) image with proper credit and a link to the original article and my home page. Example: This [link to original content] from Your Daily Vegan looks amazing. Check out Your Daily Vegan for the full recipe.
  • Please do not share more than one (1) photo per article.
  • You may not alter, change, or add to any photo- this includes removing logos.

Sharing Recipes

  • You may share the ingredients from the original recipe, but not the full recipe, as long as you give proper credit back to the original article.
  • I do not permit the republishing of full recipes in any form.

General Guidelines for Sharing Articles & Vegan Guides

  • Please don’t take my content and subsequently publish it on other websites.
  • I do not permit the republishing of full content of articles or vegan guides in any form.
  • Please don’t use my photos for a paid-for product or other advertising campaigns. 
  • Please don’t copy portions of the vegan guides and republish them on another website.
  • Please do not repost my entire article or vegan guide, or chronically copy all of my posts.

Guidelines for Sharing Infographics

  • Please feel free to republish, use and share any of the infographics with proper credit and a link to the original article and my home page.
  • Please do not alter or change the infographics in any way.


Please leave any questions that you may have as a comment directly on the recipe post so that me and other readers can help. I try to respond to every comment and many times other readers are able to offer valuable help as well. You should know that I do not respond to recipe questions via email. Sorry, but I can’t provide individual nutritional or dietary help and/or information.

Support for YDV Features


Are you a producer of a film or documentary? I want to hear from you. Simply send me an email containing the following information: Movie or TV show title, producer name, and website link. Due to the volume of requests that I receive, please give me a minimum of two weeks to add the book to the movie library.

Are you an author or publisher of a vegan book? I want to hear from you. Simply send me an email containing the following information: Book title, author, and website link. Due to the volume of requests that I receive, please give me a minimum of two weeks to add the book to the book library.

Do you own or operate an animal sanctuary or rescue group? I support your mission! Please click here for more information.

Contact Me

Before you email me, please check the information above. I receive a large number of emails every day, and I try to respond to them all- but it’s a constant challenge. I put these Frequently Asked Questions together to help get you the information you need as quickly as possible. 

Emails containing questions or inquiries that are answered in the FAQ will not receive a response.