Vegan Subscription Boxes

By KD Angle-Traegner / Last Update: April 2020

There are few things more satisfying than receiving a box of vegan goodies delivered right to your door. And who doesn’t love to get mail, amirite? I know I do! Today there are have plenty of fantastic choices available to be delivered straight to your door.

No matter what you’re into, there’s a vegan subscription box for that.





Vegan Snack Boxes

If you love getting vegan snacks delivered straight to your door, these subscriptions are for you.

An assortment of vegan jerky in a cardboard box sitting on a wooden table with white christmas lights behind them.

Louisville Vegan Jerky of the Month

There’s one universal truth about all vegans (maybe); we love jerky. But not that stuff made from animals, no. We like our jerky fake, enter Louisville Vegan Jerky company who makes the fakest jerky around.

And it’s not your run-of-the-mill jerky you might have seen around either. Louisville Vegan Jerky is handmade in small batches with a carefully crafted blend of spices.

It’s vegan, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO certified soy. Let me tell you; the Smoky Carolina BBQ flavor is perfection. It’s hands down my favorite.

Subscribe to the Jerky of the Month Club, and you’ll receive:

  • Two bags of regular flavors of Louisville Jerky
  • One bag of limited small batch Louisville Jerky
  • Free Louisville postcard
Subscription Options
  • One Month: $19.50
A closeup of a package of snacks sitting next to a cardboard box with the Naturebox logo on it.


Naturebox is a wholesale, members-only club where you can save up to 40% on all snacks. Snack confidently knowing that everything is free from artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. There are more than 100 snacks made with high-quality ingredients that are naturally good for you.

You’ll enjoy free shipping on all US orders over $25. Shipping to Canada is only $4.95.

How It Works

NatureBox membership is $5 per month, and this gets you up to 40% off of all snacks. You’ll spot the members pricing in orange to see the savings. Membership fees are then credited towards your future purchases. And, you can get a free one-month membership with your first order.

Deals & Coupons

Get an extra 30% off of your first three purchases, max $15 per purchase. Use Coupon Code THIRTY3

A closeup of a carboard box with the Urthbox logo on it sitting on a brick front steps.


Do you have friends that you’d like to share some healthy vegan snacks with? Urthbox makes that possible with several different sizes: mini, small, medium, large, or The Office Box with over 100 different full-size vegan foods, snacks, and beverages.

Urthbox isn’t strictly vegan, but it does have a vegan box filled with non-GMO, organic, and full-size products that must pass strict ingredients, sourcing, calorie, nutrition, and manufacturing standards. That’s solid.

Shipping is free is the US and $6.95 for Canada

Subscription Options

Mini: 7+ snacks / $14.99
Small: 14+ snacks / $24.99
Medium: 20+ snacks / $34.99
Large: 27+ snacks / $44.99

Deals & Coupons

Get $10 off of the Vegan Snack Box from Urthbox + a FREE box by clicking here.

A vegancuts snack box with a variety of snacks displayed on a yellow background.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box

It’s a fact; everyone loves snacks. And vegans? Well, we have the best snacks available!

The Vegan Cuts team curates ten or more of the very best vegan snacks and packs them into monthly snack boxes delivered straight to your door. The subscription includes sample sizes as well as full-size items and sometimes features products that haven’t hit the stores yet.

Shipping in the US is free. Canada and International shipping included.

Subscription Options
United States:
  • 1 Month: $24.95
  • 3 Months: $74.85 
  • 6 Months: $134.70
  • 12 Months: $258.60
  • 1 Month: $31.90
  • 3 Months: $95.70
  • 6 Months: $176.40
  • 12 Months: $342.00
  • Monthly: $39.90
Deals & Coupons

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More Vegan Snack Boxes

As much as I wish it could, this guide could never list every vegan snack box subscription available. This section contains other subscriptions worth checking out.

If you would like to see your snack box listed (or love a snack box that isn’t listed), please contact me.

Vegan Snack Boxes

  • American Gluten-Free: A monthly box filled with dairy-free and gluten-free goodies. Not a strictly vegan subscription service, but they do have a 100% vegan box available. The price is $29.99 per box.
  • Snack Sack: You’ll get 11 – 15 organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and fair-trade snacks. Pricing starts at $23.50 per box.
  • Vegan Larder (UK): This subscription offers you several box options including a classic vegan box, gluten-free box, savory snack & pate box, and even a gourmet chocolate box. Pricing varies by the selection, starting at €16.00 and up to €29.00 per box.
  • Vegan Nation Apparel: There’s something for everyone with this subscription service. Choose from a wide variety of themed vegan snack boxes. Pricing starts at $19.99 for select boxes, and all subscriptions come with free shipping.
  • Vegan Raw Box: Every other month you’ll receive 10 to 12 vegan snacks, non-toxic beauty products, and eco-friendly household items worth $60+ value. Pricing starts at $39.48 (1 box every 2 months).

Vegan Beauty & Makeup Boxes

Indulge yourself with these beauty and makeup boxes.

An overhead picture of a Love Goodly box with a variety of products in it.

Love Goodly

Love Goodly is a monthly curated box with full-size and deluxe samples of beauty, lifestyle and wellness and eco style products. 

They’re guaranteed to be eco-friendly, non-toxic and vegan, and each box is worth at least $85. 

Love Goodly has developed it’s own ‘eco’ labels so you can shop by what’s important to you. Each product is labeled based on its attributes, from organic to supports charity to vegan. Plus, 5% of each Love Goodly purchase goes to support a cause.

Subscription Options
You can select from two recurring subscription boxes. They both include free U.S. shipping, and you can cancel at any time.
Option #1: Essential Bi-Monthly Subscription
  • $34.95 every other month
  • 4 to 5 products
  • Total retail value at $80+

Option #2: VIP Bi-Monthly Subscription

  • $48.95 every other month
  • 5 to 6 products
  • Total retail value at $115+

There are also options for non-recurring boxes, perfect for gift-giving or trying out. Shipping is calculated at checkout.

Option #1: Essential Single Box (for one box only)

  • Single Box: $35.00
  • 4-month prepaid: $66.00 for a total of two boxes
  • 6-month prepaid: $99.00 for a total of three boxes

Option #2: VIP Single Box (NEW!)

  • Single box: $55.95 for a total of one box
A pink Petit Vour box sitting on a white counter with a variety of beauty products around as well as a vase of pink roses.

Petit Vour Beauty Box

The Petit Vour Beauty Box is for beauty devotees interested in living a compassionate lifestyle. Each month you’ll receive the best in plant-based beauty, generously-sized, and all personalized to your specific beauty profile. Get ready to apply, blend, buff, lather, soak and spray yourself into bliss.

Bonus: You earn points with every purchase and product review, redeemable at the Petit Vour shop.

Conscious beauty lovers rejoice! Petit Vour pushes brands to provide greater transparency, fair labor practices, cleaner ingredients, and materials to make ethical luxury more accessible than ever before.

Shipping is free no matter where you live. Excellent!

Subscription Options
  • US Monthly Subscriptions: $15
  • Canada Monthly Subscriptions: $20
  • Worldwide Monthly Subscriptions: $22
Deals & Coupons

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Various beauty products sitting in front of a cardboard box with the Nourish Beauty logo on it.

Nourish Beauty Box

The Nourish Beauty Box is for people looking for a consistent box of bliss filled with beautifully crafted, organic, cruelty-free products. Each box features 4 to 5 vegan, organic beauty products that arrive in an eco-sustainable box.

Free shipping throughout the U.S.

Subscription Options
  • 1 Month: $29.95
A vegancuts beauty box surrounded by sample beauty products sitting on a pale blue background.

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

The masterminds at Vegan Cuts has come up with one of the easiest ways to discover the latest cruelty-free brands without committing to full-size products (or prices)- the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box! 

Each month you’ll receive 4 – 7 new mostly organic products to try, ranging from cosmetics to luxurious skincare. You’ll receive both sample and full-size products with a total value of at least $35 (some boxes even had a value as high as $100!). 

Free shipping in the US. Shipping to Canada and Internationally included in price.

Subscription Options
United States:
  • 1 Month: $22.95
  • 3 Months: $68.85
  • 6 Months: $127.50
  • 12 Months: $249.00
  • 1 Month: $29.90
  • 3 Months: $88.70
  • 6 Months: $169.20
  • 12 Months: $332.40
  • Monthly: $37.90
Coupons & Deals

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A vegancuts makeup box with samples of vegan makeup sitting on top of a pink background.

Vegan Cuts Makeup Box

If you like to experiment with all the latest cruelty-free makeup, I have some good news for you! Vegan Cuts now offers a vegan makeup subscription service! That’s right! You’ll get a quarterly box that delivers full-size vegan & cruelty-free makeup to match each season. 

From lipstick to mascara to luxe nail lacquer, Vegan Cuts has all your needs covered and will customize your box based on your beauty profile.

The Vegan Cuts Makeup Subscription Box in brief:

  • 4 full-size makeup products per box
  • $70+ value per box
  • 100% cruelty-free & vegan
  • Focus on organic & natural makeup
  • Paraben-free
Subscription Options
United States:
  • Quarterly: $39.95
  • Annual: $149.80
  • Quarterly: $46.90
  • Annual: $177.60
  • Quarterly: $54.90
  • Annual: $209.60
Deals & Coupons

Your Daily Vegan readers get $5 off of their first box. Use coupon code: yourdailyvegan


More Vegan Beauty & Makeup Boxes

As much as I wish it could, this guide could never list every vegan beauty box or makeup box subscription available. This section contains other subscriptions worth checking out.

If you would like to see your box listed (or love one that isn’t listed), please contact me.

Vegan Beauty Boxes & Makeup Boxes
  • The Pip Box: Receive 5 cruelty-free and vegan beauty items delivered to your door monthly. Average value is £55 +. Free U.K shipping and rest of Europe costs just £1.50.
  • Bombay & Cedar: Bombay & Cedar is a monthly aromatherapy, wellness and lifestyle subscription box featuring vegan and cruelty-free products. Pricing starts at $28.45. 

Vegan Chocolate & Other Treat Boxes

Indulge yourself with these sweet treat boxes.

A closeup of an assortment of chocolate candy in a box surrounded by pink hearts.

Vegan Bitch Box

Bitchfix puts a whole new, cheeky spin on subscription boxes. Every 30 days, subscribers receive a box of vegan artisan chocolate to turn PMS into Princess Menstrual Syndrome. 

Each Vegan Bitch Box includes pairs of signature You Salty Bitch and Rocky Bloat bonbons, two vegan-friendly Spanish Fly single origin truffles, 2.5oz Bitch Bark and 2oz Twigs L’Orange.

And, 10% of all Bitchfix sales go directly to help spay and neuter at-risk dogs.

Subscription Options
  • Single Vegan Bitch Box: $48
An assortment of vegan chocolate products.

Vegancuts Chocolate Box

Did we say chocolate? Oh yes. This box is chock full of mouth-watering chocolate. Check out what is packed inside below.

Subscription Options
  • $70.70 / per box (on SALE, now $34.95)

Other Vegan Box Subscriptions

If you want boxes filled with a variety of vegan goodies, these boxes are for you.

More Vegan Subscription Boxes

As much as I wish it could, this guide could never list every other vegan subscription available. This section contains more subscriptions worth checking out.

If you would like to see your box listed (or love one that isn’t listed), please contact me.

Other Vegan Subscription Boxes

  • Box Zero: Monthly plastic-free subscription of vegan-friendly products designed to help you on your zero-waste journey. £18.00 monthly with upgrade options to the “Extra” box.

Find More Vegan Gifts

Shopping for vegan gifts just got easier!

Let’s face it, shopping for vegan products can be a little confusing and a whole lot frustrating.

Whether you’re just starting out on your vegan journey, or you’re a seasoned vegan looking for something unique, these gift guides will provide you with valuable information to help you choose products that people will love and fit your ethics.

Find hundreds of great vegan products by selecting a category below.

Disclosure: This guide may contain affiliate links. I earn from qualifying purchases. See my Affiliate Policy for more details.

A collage of vegan subscription boxes.

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I am committed to providing accurate information to the vegan community. Meticulously researched, the vegan topic explored in this guide contains the information available at the time of publishing.

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