Perfect for baked potatoes

Cool, creamy sour cream goes perfectly on top of a pile of nachos or smothering a perfectly baked potato. If you love it too, good news. You have lots of dairy-free options.

Living vegan doesn't mean giving up foods and flavors you've grown to love; instead, it means replacing them with your new favorite ones. This guide introduces you to them.

First, a shopping guide so you know what to look for at the store. Next, a selection of vegan recipes to inspire you.

It's all things dairy-free sour cream; let's take a look.


1. Shopping guide

Here’s what you need to know before you head to the store.

Find vegan sour cream in stores

Let’s talk about sour cream basics.

You probably already know that sour cream is a dairy product. It’s the result of fermenting cream with lactic acid bacteria. In these cases, the sour cream isn't suitable for vegans because of the cream used to make it.

So, how are vegan versions made?

Dairy-free options include foods like tofu, nuts, seeds, and vegetables like cauliflower to make their creamy offerings.

You'll find dairy-free sour cream in the same refrigerated case alongside the other non-vegan versions at most mainstream grocery stores.

Vegan sour cream brands

Note: Follow Your Heart and Earth Island are the same company. Follow Your Heart produces the Vegenaise product line, while Earth Island produces the Vegan Gourmet line.


2. Vegan sour cream recipes

Ready for cooking inspiration? These recipes will surely satisfy you.

Recipes to try

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