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Animals of Fashion: Accessories for Humans

Veganism extends to beyond the plate, it also includes the items in your closet or dresser drawers. Some material is easily identified as an animal-based material, like fur, for example. Other times, deciphering clothing labels can be confusing and indeterminable. Before you go shopping, find out how to spot animal-based materials and read clothing tags. Learn where to shop for those hard-to-find vegan items like baseball gloves or ballet slippers.

Sometimes, well-meaning people overlook clothes and shoes because the cultivation of the raw materials does not always require the death of an animal- like wool, for example. However, every single shorn sheep, goat, alpaca, muskoxen, camelid, or rabbit whose fur is used to make wool will be slaughtered once their productivity lessens. In the end, they all die.

I want to change that. Vegan fashion has never been easier to find. Let me show you how.

vegan fashion guide


vegan fashion guide

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