The Daily Beast recently interviewed Kris Carr about veganism in a post titled, “So You Wanna Be Vegan? Start Here.”  In it was this from the author of the post:

OK, it all makes sense but what if you don’t have Wolfgang Puck preparing vegan pizza for you or a personal assistant to scour the health-food-store shelves for agave nectar while you try on your cruelty-free (for animals, anyway) Stella McCartney stilettos?

Vegan politics aside, this type of statement is the exact stereotype about veganism that drives me bonkers.  Veganism is not an inaccessible lifestyle only the urban rich can attain.  While Carr does mention that “a sack of rice and a sack of beans is not that expensive and certainly if you can’t afford to buy all organic you can use the Dirty Dozen or the Clean Fifteen” to cut the expense of vegan food- she says nothing about how accessible vegan products really are.

[I should mention here that I’m not slamming Carr, just in case you were about to type me an angry comment about being divisive.]

Vegan products are just around the corner and likely on sale.  One of the most prevalent places to shop in America is Walmart.  Hold on, stay with me.  We’re not talking about whether we support Walmart or it’s business practices.  What we are talking about is the fact that the average American has access to vegan products, at an affordable price, at every Walmart across the country.  And, since they are an evil giant corporation who is attempting to take over the world, they are everywhere.  The fact is, millions of people shop there every day.

At minimum, if someone is forced to shop at Walmart (whether through convenience, location, or monetary situation) then making vegan choices are the least one can do.  Imagine if every Walmart shopper purchased solely vegan products how that would change animal agribusiness.  It would be huge.

Let me show you how to furnish your home, fill your fridge, and dress your family at Walmart, vegan-style.


All this, vegan.


Tofu – the vegan staple. Right where you’d expect it to be.


Organic Produce doesn’t just live at health food stores.


More organic produce because it’s just so pretty (when it’s out of those damn plastic bags).


Soy & Almond milk are alternatives to milk stolen from cows.


Vegan Butter? It’s there too.


Beans and brown rice should be a staple in any healthy vegan diet.


Dairy-Free Mac and Cheeze is sure to please.


Organic No-Bone Char Sugar + Agave are conveniently located and competitively priced. No health food store required.


Ditch the Down and choose Down Alternative for a cruelty-free night’s sleep.


Wool belongs on sheep, not on your floor.


100% Cotton Jammies = 100% Vegan


Polyester + Cotton makes Dickies hip (and vegan).


Look at all those man-made shoes!


Stella McCartney who? These man-made shoes are, yes, vegan (and cheap).