If you knew me personally, you’d know that I’m not one to be afraid to talk about poop.  Specifically, having healthy eliminations. Like urine, your poo says a lot about what you’ve been consuming- it’s pretty important to know how things are processing

[Plus, I’m juvenile enough to get a giggle out of the poo jokes told to me by my nieces and nephews.]

The word “poop” comes from the Middle English word poupen or popen which originally meant “fart.”  The word evolved into “poop” (with it’s current meaning) around 1900.  (Origins: A Short Etymological Dictionary of Modern English Also: American Slang)

So, what is poo made of?  Water, dead bacteria, indigestible fiber, a mixture of fats, phosphates, live bacteria, dead cells and mucus (from the lining of the intestines), and protein.  So, why does poop smell?  Simply put, the smell of poo is based on what you eat.  [Meat eaters enjoy stinkier poo, while herbivores have a less pungent smell.]   So you can see, what you put in affects what is put out. Not surprisingly, vegans have the best poop in the land according to a recent study done by University of Bristol.

But I’m going to let Dr. Greger from NutritionFacts.org give you the scoop on poop, he does it with more grace and composition than I’d ever have using the term, “smooth vegan snakes.”

If you’ve never heard of NutritionFacts.org, then you’re missing out.  I love this site.  Launched in August of this year, NutritionFacts.org is a labor of love featuring all the videos from Dr. Greger’s past Latest in Clinical Nutrition DVDs, split into hundreds of bite-sized topical segments that can be searched and shared.  Dr. Greger’s videos are strictly science-based with citations, which makes them the perfect resource for discussing our vegan health.

Dr. Greger has committed to uploading a new video every day for an entire year, so there’s always something fresh for us to learn.  Folks can, and should, subscribe to the daily video feed here NutritionFacts.org or follow on Facebook.com and Twitter.com.  And, come on, with videos like this one- why wouldn’t you subscribe?

Photo credit: Charleen Angle