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Vegan Tweeters = Awesome

By Published On: 28 January 2011Last Updated: 17 January 2017

Friday is the day after Thursday, it's also the day we spotlight awesome vegan tweeters. Sweet!

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It’s Follow Friday again!  Meet @TheVerdantLife, @VeggieFemmes, and @ManlyVegan!

[box style=”none”]Verdant Eats

Name: Cat D. aka @TheVerdantLife

Self-proclaimed bio: Green, healthy, sustainable and deeeeelish! That’s The Verdant Life.

You should know that: My name is Cat and I am a vegan foodie. In fact, I’m relentless in my passion for good food, environmentally friendly food practices, and wholesome, organic ingredients. I’m also a writer, a human resources expert, an amateur photographer and a horror film addict. And, since we’re being honest and open here, I might as well come right out and tell you that I’m a bit of a reformed granola hippie chick. (Ok, maybe only partially reformed, but I’m not ashamed!)

You can check out her website at www.theverdantlife.com

Follow The Verdant Life:

[box style=”none”]Veggie Femmes

Name: Erika Carmen aka @VeggieFemmes

Self-proclaimed bio: Vegan blogger, femme, & food enthusiast in Montreal, QC. Bringing you news, hot gossip, product and restaurant reviews, contests, opinions, and more.

You should know that: “I am a vegan cook, blogger, activist, social media dabbler, political and cultural commentator, and connoisseur of all things delicious and vegan in this wonderful wintery city, as well as its neighbouring vegan treasure-holes (check out my reviews from Boston, Toronto, and Ottawa). That said, this blog isn’t just about veganism; look for upcoming rants and railings on green living, friperie (français for vintage/used) fashion, travel, work, do-gooding, contests, recipes, politics, feminism, gay culture, and more.”

You can check out her website at http://veggiefemmes.com

Follow The Veggie Femmes:

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Name: @ManlyVegan

Self-proclaimed bio: VEGAN Athlete/Cancer Survivor. In a world filled with the processed nutrient lacking food of the fat lazy American, I stand to fight back.

You should know that: MV said in a recent post, “I was breezing along at about a 9min mile pace feeling great.  I was about 3 miles into my run and someone passed me.  He was floating along in his run like a young gazelle.  Much older then me and tip toed across the pavement effortlessly.  This experience was humbling.  It was a reminder to constantly be stepping my game up.  Once you reach new highs its time to set the bar even higher.  I hope I see that guy in another month and I can blow by him.”

You can check out his blog at http://manlyvegan.com

Follow Manly Vegan:

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Want to be featured in an upcoming post? You know you do. And why wouldn’t you? It’s fun, you get bragging rights on follow Friday, and free vegan love in the form of advertising your vegan endeavors. Simply send me the following information: name, self-proclaimed bio, a fact for the “you should know,” and your twitter icon (size 128×128 please) by clicking here. Then sit back and wait for the magic to happen. And it will, oh- it will….


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  2. ManlyVegan January 28, 2011 at 7:47 pm - Reply

    @YourDailyVegan awesome! Thanks for the feature! Video coming to the site soon hopefully.

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