Catering is nice, people agree

By Published On: 12 February 2011Last Updated: 17 January 2017

The food is tastier because it's flavored with, "I didn't have to chop vegetables" and, "I didn't have to clean up the prep mess."

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There’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s nice to sit down to a meal that you didn’t have to prepare.

The food tastes better, probably because it’s flavored with, “I didn’t have to chop vegetables” and, “I didn’t have to clean the kitchen mess.”

So, if you don’t feel like cooking for your valentine- how about hiring a private chef or have something catered in?

(Heck you don’t even need it to be Valentine’s Day for goodness like that!)

Vérité Catering is a vegan catering service.  And right now, their services are at a 15% discount (valid through the end of March). The discount is valid for any of their services, from private chef services to event catering to cooking lessons!

Personal Chef Package Includes:

– Customized menu planning (to suit all allergies, intolerances and preferences)
– Grocery Shopping
– Food prepared in your kitchen
– Meals prepared in one day
– Cleaned kitchen left the way it was found before service.

Catering Package Includes:
– Customized menu planning (ex: starters, main entree, sides, dessert, etc)
– Grocery shopping
– Food prepared in a commercial kitchen
– Delivery to your event

All that and you don’t have to do the dishes.  Score.

Visit for more information.


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