What do you think of when you hear “convenience food?”  Greasy, nasty, junk that companies try to pass off as food?  Don’t most of us think, “unhealthy?”  Enter Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal.  I know what you’re thinking, cereal- really?  Isn’t cereal already convenient?  Isn’t it: open box, pour, add non-dairy milk, and scarf?  But hear me out- this stuff is different.  This stuff is better.

It’s an oat-based, gluten-free, low-glycemic, hemp-infused, tasty on-the-go vegan meal that even comes with it’s own spoon.  It can be made in seconds, using hot or cold water.  Yes, you heard me.  You can even make it with cold water.   Unfold the most adorable recyclable spoon you ever saw, add water to the recyclable container and enjoy anywhere.  On the subway?  Why not!  Need to grab something on your way out the door because you overslept again and your boss is really going to get pissed this time?  Perfect!  Going hiking/biking/climbing/running a marathon?  Take one!  Going camping?  Excellent choice!

Spiced with cinnamon, maple and yacon powder, cacao nibs, and goji berries, I challenge you not to love this organic delight. What’s more, your kids are going to like it.  It fills you up and gives you some serious energy to continue on with your day.

If all that wasn’t enough, you can have good feelings knowing you’re supporting a company with a stand-up philosophy regarding food commerce in this country. From Doug Siegel, the Main Man at Vigilant Eats:

I’m an advocate for fighting government regulation that promotes corporate interest over the health and wellness of the public. Vigilant Eats supports organizations like the Farm-to-Consumer Defense Fund, a national organization that protects and defends the legal rights of consumers to buy directly from farms. Too often, people who want to drink raw milk or eat nutrient-rich food purchased directly from the growers are thwarted by rules and regulations that do nothing to improve our health. The only protection is to the commercial agriculture conglomerates. Vigilant Eats’ goal is to expose the injustice and misinformation that so often is accepted.

[We can talk about the raw milk thing later because, as vegans, we know the connection between the dairy industry and the veal industry.  We know that raising animals for food is the single most environmentally destructive thing one can do and that it’s bad for our health.  And we know that animals deserve to be free.  I want to clarify that I’m bringing this up as a way of addressing my own feelings about veganism.  I was a vegetarian for many years before I became vegan.  My vegetarianism opened my eyes to animal exploitation certainly, but I hadn’t considered all forms of animal exploitation- namely dairy.  Today, I know that animal exploitation goes far beyond my plate or closet.  It includes any time an animal is used for our own purposes or amusement.  I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to encourage my friends at Vigilant Eats to research these things at length.  We are the animals best and only defense, and they need our help.  Not that Vigilant Eats products aren’t vegan- they are, more to address folks drinking raw milk.]

Not only is there Goji Cacao flavor Superfood, but also Espresso Maca, Maca Double Chocolate, and Coconut Maple Vanilla. Wow. And how much does one pay for a serving of stuff that sounds this good and is good for you?

About 4 bucks. Four dollars for 300 calories of organic, gluten-free, oats and hemp, with 11 grams of protein, iron, vitamin A, and zero refined sugars or preservatives. Compare that to a nasty, drive-thru “value meal” made of mystery ingredients, salt, and dirty oil.

This is cool: When you’re on the go and you’re finished chowing this goodness, packaging waste occupies little space in your gear bag or purse for later recycling:


Finally, because they’re cool like that, Vigilant Eats is offering a special deal for YDV readers to try some Superfood. Use the discount code “yourdailyvegan10“.  This will allow you to take 10% off  orders of a box of 12 plus get free shipping for a total value of $15 big bucks.  Yay!

Gratitude and thanks to Vigilant Eats for graciously sending us some of their products to review.

Disclaimer:  Views and opinions expressed here are those of YDV and derived from personal experience.  These opinions are not influenced in any way by the receipt of goods or services.  We will always notify you when a product has been given to us to review, test, use, or talk about.