Gratitude Giveaway: Raw Revolution Organic Bars

By Published On: 10 September 2014Last Updated: 17 January 2017

Read our review of Raw Revolution Organic Bars and enter to win a snack pack of your own.

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Every year that I’ve been blogging I’ve done Gratitude Giveaways, perhaps you’re familiar with them? If not, Gratitude Giveaways are my way of giving back to YDV readers. See, YDV readers (you) are awesome and we couldn’t exist without you. So when I have the opportunity to thank you, I take it.

This giveaway is courtesy of Raw Revolution Organic Bars. Let me tell you a little bit about them, they’re pretty awesome.


Raw Revolution was launched in Alice Benedetto’s home kitchen in 2004. Alice, a registered nurse and natural foods chef, was looking for something she could give her kids- a healthy snack that also tasted good.  The result are bars filled with fruit, nuts, and seeds that taste delicious.

You might be saying, but there’s a lot of vegan organic bars on the market these days, what’s so special about Raw Revolution (nicknamed Raw Rev by the company) anyway?  Well, apparently a lot.  Raw Revolution bars are packed with sprouted superfoods like sprouted flax seeds, while also offering dense nutrition in the form of spirulina, chlorella, barley, oat, and wheat grass.  You’ll find each bar contains healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and nutrients without cholesterol, trans fats, or large amounts of sodium.

And, this snippet taken directly from their website makes my vegan heart go pitty-pat:

Always vegan. No animals were harmed during the making of these bars! Not only is this better for the environment (animal agriculture is the primary cause of global warming and a great deal of other pollution), we are a 100% animal friendly choice for your diet.

I’ll bet you’re wondering how they taste, allow me to fill you in. There’s so many flavors to choose from there is certainly a flavor that will tickle your taste buds. Since I’m nothing if not a thorough vegan taste tester, I tried four of the fourteen flavors(!) – Spirulina Dream, Chocolate Coconut Bliss, Cranberry Almond Coconut, and Chunky Peanut Butter Chocolate. While I enjoyed them all, Chunky Peanut Butter Chocolate ran away with my taste buds’ heart. I could, and did, eat 6 of them. Oh not in one sitting mind you, but one a day for six days (and I’d do it again). Delightful!

Listen, I am a fan of bars. They’re quick, convenient, and make the perfect in-between meals snack. Some brands are much better than others and I’d put Raw Revolution squarely in the much better column. They are quality nutrition in a convenient package. Also, and this is really cool, they come in two sizes- a full size bar and a cute mini 100 calorie bar. My love of all things mini has been well-documented before so it’s no surprise that I love the mini bars. But those mini bars are more than just cute, they’re full of all the same goodness and flavors as their full size bar counterparts. They are perfect for little vegan hands- I mean, perfect for kids of all ages. Perfect for lunches, sharing with the whole class (20 mini bars come in a case, enough to share), to keep in the car if one gets hungry, and small enough to slip into a backpack, purse, or even a clutch. I love the minis.

There’s one final thing I’d like to mention about Raw Revolution- the price. Raw Revolution is down right cheap when compared to other (and some non-organic) nutrition bars. The average cost of a full size bar is $1.89. It costs a good deal of money to have products made with non-GMO certified organic ingredients and often times these expenses are reflected in the high cost of quality food. It’s lovely to see a product with this level of nutrition affordably priced.

[It also helps to strengthen the argument that eating vegan food does not have to been expensive. Because it doesn’t.]

You can learn more about the company and the bars themselves at the Raw Revolution website.

Would you like to try Raw Revolution Organic Bars? That’s good because I’m giving away a Raw Revolution variety snack pack to 3 lucky winners. Each winner will receive a sample pack of 3 full size Raw Revolution Organic Bars. Giveaway winners will be chosen at random. Sound good? All you have to do is enter below.

Sorry my International pals, this giveaway is open to US residents only.

Thank you for being a Your Daily Vegan reader, you really really are awesome.

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Gratitude and thanks to Raw Revolution for graciously sending us some of their products to review.

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