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Easter Cat is an adoptable cat at the Crafty Cat Rescue in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Easter is bizarre–even more so than Christmas. Somehow egg hunts, the Easter bunny, and baskets full of sweets are incorporated into a yearly celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. More often, it’s justification to eat too much sugar and decorate in pastels, which most of us can get behind.

How do we keep our baskets full of spring treats and avoid the egg and dairy industries vicious practices?

Want chocolate rabbits? Try Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates or Lagusta Luscious.  If deviled eggs appeal to you, try a fresh twist on the tradition with potatoes.  Filling plastic eggs with delicious vegan chocolates from Allison’s Gourmet will fit the bill, but there’s more to egg alternatives than plastic. If you want to dye your own, Eggnots, reusable ceramics, come by the dozen.


Why not chicken’s eggs? If you remember only one fact about egg production, let it be this: Male chicks are ground up alive. Or sometimes suffocated together in large trash bags. They will never lay eggs and are therefore discarded as sweet, yellow, peeping babies. Do you need to know more? The horrors of the egg industry are well-documented by investigations performed by groups like Compassion Over Killing and Mercy for Animals.

In addition to finding humane alternatives to eggs, replace the ham, and get stuffed bunnies (not real ones unless you’re serious), so you can have the spring in your step that comes from knowing that no animals were harmed in your celebration.

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Eggnots photo courtesy of Eggnots – used with permission
Easter Cat is an adoptable cat at the Crafty Cat Rescue in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Photo by cseeman via Flicker

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