By Daria Zeoli, Guest Contributor

There’s a popular vegan question sandwiched in between all of the protein inquiries and “fish aren’t animals” misstatements you hear regularly: “Do vegans kill bugs?”

I overheard someone recently listing the bugs she won’t kill. Lady bugs and praying mantises made the cut. Then the ones she will kill. Ants. Beetles. Spiders. It made me sad. Sad because bugs are considered expendable by damned near everyone. Sad because I myself used to think that way. Sad because, if presented with a situation like Piper Hoffman related for Our Hen House last year in, A Vegan Angel… of Death [think infestation of mass proportions], I would react the same way. Who wouldn’t?

I have trapped and released several multi-legged creatures from my home. As the weather gets warmer, I’m sure more will make their way inside. What makes it normal to squish a centipede but to save a spider? Do the most compassionate of us reach for the can of Raid when faced with an infestation? Is it logical to think a tiny being’s life is meant to end under the foot of a human being?

How do you navigate your human feelings about insects?