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Veganism Is A Way Of Life

Find everything you need to embrace the lifestyle.

Veganism is more than what we eat. It’s who we are and how we care for others. It’s about compassion and justice. It’s about kindness and peace. It’s about treading lightly.

It’s about the animals.

Join us.

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Veganism Explained

From food to fashion, there’s a lot to know.

We use animals in millions of ways, and some are more obvious than others. Removing animal products from your life isn’t impossible, but it does take some knowledge and practice.

You are going to have questions. We have the answers. We’ll show you how to live a compassionate life through vegan living.

Let us inspire you.


Latest Features

Expert advice and in-depth features about vegan living.

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Chili Cheese Sriracha Kale Chips

These Chili Cheese Sriracha Kale Chips are highly addicting and didn't last a day in my house. I doubt they'd last a day in yours either :)

  • vegan friends

How to Make Vegan Friends & Influence Non-Vegan People

We'll never achieve that vegan world we all want if all we do is pick apart progress. Learn how to make vegan friends and influence non-vegan people.

  • Vegan Cookies

Vegan Spicy Cinnamon Cayenne Cacao Cookies

I try not to play favorites when it comes to cookies, but if I did these Vegan Spicy Cinnamon Cayenne Cacao Cookies might top the list.

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5 Top Vegan Influencers Share Social Media Picks for Effective Activism

Five top vegan influencers who know how to build a large audience on social media tell you which platform they use & what works for their audience.

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Where Are You Headed in 2016?

Where are you headed in 2016? I'm looking forward, not back, and I hope you'll join me in saving some animals in the new year.

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Vegan Black Jack Soup

This isn't your typical black bean soup. This rich and slightly spicy vegan soup features jackfruit- the amazing fruit that resembles pulled "meat."


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