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Veganniversary: Year Five

I'm celebrating my fifth veganniversary today. I continue to be grateful for all that being vegan opportunes me.




Mango Avocado White Bean Salad

At first glance this Mango Avocado White Bean Salad ingredients might seem strange, but the results will have your taste buds wanting more.

Jackfruit 101

Off I went, armed with the only information I had about jackfruit at that time: the name. Turns out I needed a little bit more information.

Pea Shoot & Asparagus Pasta with Marcona Almonds

This light and easy pasta dish screams summer produce. From pea shoots to asparagus to basil, each bite is filled with the freshest produce possible at this very moment in time.

Traveling Tacos with Cauliflower Cheese Sauce

A nutritious spin on Carly Sitner's school lunch staple from childhood, this recipe includes a quick bean chili and a creamy cauliflower sauce.

Elianni Mediterranean Linguine

When Elianni asked me if I'd like to do a review of their products, I admit to being intrigued. Let me tell you all about it.

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November: A Month for Vegans

November is a big month for me. Vegan Month is the month I went vegan. Wonder why I'm thankful?

Usher, You’re Doing It Wrong

When considering the alternatives, the question I would pose to Usher and anyone else is, "How can you afford not to be vegan?"

Keeping Up With the Vegans: Episode Two

We can't promote every vegan thing, but we try. Here is our second roundup of vegan tidbits that are sent our way.

Rescuing Rabbits: House Rabbit Society

As I began my journey into rabbit love, there was no greater asset to my understanding of them than the House Rabbit Society, a non-profit rabbit rescue whose mission is to rescue abandoned rabbits and to educate the public about these often misunderstood animals.

THIS SATURDAY: Nathan Runkle to Speak at Sunrise Sanctuary Benefit

What are you doing on April 26, 2014? Come to the Sunrise Sanctuary Benefit at Studio 35 in Columbus.

Indraloka Sanctuary: Rescue of a “Backyard Meat” Pig

On February 20, an extremely sick pig found his way to Indraloka Sanctuary. Vets warned he might not survive, but he did.

Soy Milk, Lies & Social Media

Social media matters. Here's how Anya Todd used those channels to refute statements made by an RD from the Dairy Council of California.

Veganism is Not Child Abuse

Mary Elizabeth Williams asks, is veganism child abuse? Evidence-based nutrition supports our answer: no, of course not.

Different journeys, different bodies: Vegan Health & Philosophy

Even when I question what it is I'm putting into my body and why I find it easier to sit on the couch than on a weight bench or a rowing machine, I know that I stick to my convictions when they count.