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Veganism Is A Way Of Life

Find everything you need to embrace the lifestyle.

Veganism is more than what we eat. It’s who we are and how we care for others. It’s about compassion and justice. It’s about kindness and peace. It’s about treading lightly.

It’s about the animals.

Join us.

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Veganism Explained

From food to fashion, there’s a lot to know.

We use animals in millions of ways, and some are more obvious than others. Removing animal products from your life isn’t impossible, but it does take some knowledge and practice.

You are going to have questions. We have the answers. We’ll show you how to live a compassionate life through vegan living.

Let us inspire you.

  • NEW! The Virtual Vegan Bookstore!

    The ultimate collection of vegan books.

  • Vegan Thanksgiving Guide

    Everything you need to enjoy a vegan holiday.

  • Nutrition Spotlight: Butternut Squash

    Cheap and Easy to Find, But Will You Really Cook It?

Latest Features

Expert advice and in-depth features about vegan living.

  • stormtrooper

You Live, You Learn: Reflections of a Six-Year Vegan

But living a vegan life for more than half a decade has been a learning experience. So here are some vegan reflections for the new, old and vegans-to-be.

  • Bandit lives at Ching Farm Sanctuary.

5 Sanctuary Events for a Cruelty-Free Thanksgiving

There are several sanctuaries that organise their own compassionate Thanksgiving, and are inviting you to join them! This is an opportunity to celebrate with like-minded people, enjoy some delicious vegan food, and chill out with some rescued animal friends.

  • what if the shoe were on the other hoof

Vegan Teacher Fired for Facebook Post Pens New Book

Keith Allison sits down with Your Daily Vegan to talk about his new book, What if the Shoe Were on the Other Hoof?

  • vegan

The Story of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and My Veganniversary!

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary symbolises Jenny Brown’s dedication and compassion towards farm animals. The sanctuary highlights a concept that seems so obvious, yet is so easily forgotten - life is precious.

  • vegan

Vegan UGGs Season: An Opportunity for Advocacy

I feel like sometimes, I'm advocating with training wheels. But every situation, every conversation, is an opportunity to do better. Like with these UGGs.

  • vegan

California Dreaming: My Visit to Farm Sanctuary’s Southern California Shelter

Witnessing the reaction of the people around me, I left Farm Sanctuary feeling hopeful- sanctuaries have the power to spark change.


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  • Do not follow where the path may lead
    Go instead where there is no path and
    leave a trail.


  • The real voyage of discovery consists
    not in seeking new landscapes, but
    in having new eyes.


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Our environment is in terrible ecological devastation.

Veganism is the solution.

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Did You Know?

We feature videos and pictures of animals from around the world at the top of our pages, which change with each of the seasons.


The Pearl-spotted Owlet

The Pearl-spotted Owlet is a tiny bird with a rounded head and no ear-tufts who lives in Africa, south of the Sahara. The name comes from the two pearl-like spots above the shoulders. This distinctive pattern is often described as “eye-spots” or “false-eyes” and helps the owlet escape predators by appearing larger than it really is.

Right now, the Pearl-spotted owlet is widespread and not threatened by the usual degradation of habitat and deforestation. However, the western populations are less abundant and appear more vulnerable to changes in habitat and food resources. You can help this and other species of owls by planting trees, saving old-growth trees from being cut down, not using chemical treatments on your property, and living vegan.