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Kate Plus 8 and a Dash of Disconnect

The Gosselins exemplify the disconnect that is rampant in society. It’s easier to view something in the abstract when you don’t have to see its origins.

Is a Vegan Diet Harmful to Thyroid Function?

January is Thyroid Awareness Month. Here's a quick primer on why the thyroid is important and whether a vegan diet affects it.

Sanctuary Explains Why Their Rescues Still Wear Ear Tags

Have you ever seen a picture of commercial livestock with tags hanging from their ears? Have you seen them on the ears of animals who have been rescued and living at an animal sanctuary? Have you ever wondered why the sanctuary doesn't remove them? Turns out sometimes they can't.

How to Cook Vegan: Date Bars

Date bars are so simple to make it's embarrassing. I'm no genius and this is no special vegan food hack but it will give you the basis for making your own snack bars (so you can finally stop shelling out anywhere from $1.79 - $3.00 a piece for the store-bought ones).

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