Should You Boycott Bob’s Red Mill?

Bob's Red Mill released a statement saying they aren't funding animal research, but are they? Should you still boycott Bob's Red Mill? Here's some food for thought.
By |September 25th, 2011|News, Opinion|27 Comments|

Pig Lauded As Hero, Amazes Humans

Zhu Jianqiang the pig has been amazing humans since his debut in 2008 for doing exactly what you'd expect from [another] animal.
By |September 21st, 2011|Animals, News|0 Comments|

Glowing Cats- It’s Not Cute

What does the future hold for these glowing cats?
By |September 13th, 2011|News|2 Comments|

Monkeys prove bad diet & no exercise cause obesity

Oregon National Primate Research Center, on behalf of Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, tested an experimental diet drug on monkeys. A diet drug. On Monkeys.
By |February 23rd, 2011|News|13 Comments|

NASA’s plans to test on non-humans

NASA plans to expose squirrel monkeys to radiation in an attempt to understand the effects of interplanetary travel. The dark ages of science should be well past us now, and no organization should be using the antiquated science of animal testing.
By |November 9th, 2009|News|1 Comment|