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Vegan fashion

Because veganism extends beyond our plates and into our closets.

Published: June 2014
Last Update: February 2023

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Saving animals, one outfit at a time

Let's talk about fashion. Vegan fashion, specifically.

Sometimes, well-intentioned people overlook clothing because the raw materials’ cultivation does not require the immediate death of an animal, like shearing sheep for wool, for example.

But here’s the sad truth: Every single shorn sheep, goat, alpaca, muskoxen, camelid, or rabbit will go to slaughter once their productivity lessens. In the end, every animal will die.

We can change that. Easily. Without sacrificing quality or style.

Some materials are easily identified as animal-based, like fur, for example. Other times, deciphering clothing labels can be confusing and indeterminable. Compassionate people are misled by greenwashing campaigns from large corporations with no one's best interest in mind.

Before shopping, learn about the issues surrounding using animals in fashion. Uncover industry not-so-secret secrets. Find out how to spot animal-based materials and read clothing tags. Discover the wide variety of alternatives made from plants.

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