Vegan Fashion

By KD Angle-Traegner / Last Update: October 2020

Veganism extends beyond our plates; it also includes the items in the closet or dresser drawers.

Sometimes, well-intentioned people overlook clothing because the raw materials’ cultivation does not require the immediate death of an animal, like shearing sheep for wool, for example.

But here’s the sad truth: Every single shorn sheep, goat, alpaca, muskoxen, camelid, or rabbit whose will go to slaughter once their productivity lessens. In the end, all the animals die.

I want to change that. 

Some material is easily identified as an animal-based material, like fur, for example. Other times, deciphering clothing labels can be confusing and indeterminable. 

Before you go shopping, find out how to spot animal-based materials and read clothing tags. Learn where to shop for those hard-to-find vegan items like baseball gloves or ballet slippers.

Let me show you how.

Animals of Fashion: Accessories for Humans

vegan fashion guide


vegan fashion guide

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