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A current list of vegan-centric titles now streaming

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YDV’s Vegan Netflix Guide lists the vegan and vegan-centric titles streaming each month on Netflix.

Even if you don’t ever need to watch another video to convince you that the way most people eat in this country is S.A.D., maybe you like to stay connected to the latest titles to learn new tricks to the vegan lifestyle. All of the documentaries listed here – available to stream this month on Netflix – provoke thought about the profound effects of our everyday choices — and they’ll help to stimulate dialogue with other viewers. This Vegan Netflix Guide has it all.

Featured Film

Tyke Elephant Outlaw

Honolulu, August 20, 1994. Tyke the elephant goes on a rampage. What happens next will traumatise a city and ignite a global battle over the use of performing animals. Tyke Elephant Outlaw is a gripping and emotionally charged documentary about one elephant’s break for freedom and the profound questions it raised about our connection to other species.

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Currently Streaming

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Netflix only streams a limited variety of vegan and vegan-centric movies at one given time. That’s why I created Vegan Flicks,™ a vegan movie library. From thought-provoking documentaries to animal-friendly children’s movies, this guide has them all. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll find stories and facts to help you advocate for animals every day. Find hundreds of vegan and vegan-centric titles at Vegan Flicks,™ or by selecting a category below.

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