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Cover for the film, Bee Movie. Features a close-up of a cartoon bee on a yellow background.

Bee Movie

2007 · PG · 1h 30m


Barry the bee (Jerry Seinfeld) is a recent college graduate with what some might call high ideals. He is fed up with humans taking all the honey he and the other bees work so tirelessly to produce. He finds Vanessa (Renée Zellweger), a human who understands him and believes in his mission, and together they sue the human race for taking advantage of bees. The presiding judge (Oprah Winfrey) declares victory for the bees.

About the Filmmakers

Bee Movie was produced by Dreamworks and directed by Steve Hickner and Simon J. Smith. Find out more about the film at


“The moral of the story — one of them, anyway — is that we and the bees are interdependent and that we should respect their hard work. This lesson is satirically driven home in a courtroom plot that erupts just as the love story starts to get sticky. When Barry discovers that honey is sold in supermarkets, and that it is harvested from captive bees held in smoky, shoddy fake hives, he sues the human race, going after some of its notorious bee abusers. These include Ray Liotta, who sells his own brand of honey, and Sting, whose name is obviously offensive to bees. (Both celebrities make cameo voice appearances, as does Larry King, playing a character called Bee Larry King. It’s funnier than it sounds. Or maybe it’s exactly as funny as it sounds.).” – A. O. Scott. “A Drone No More: No Hive for Him!New York Times. 2 Nov 2007

“This is one of the best movies that I’ve ever seen. It truly defines our generation. Teaching good morales with funny jokes. I pissed my pants laughing 12 times in this wonderful experience of a movie. I feel privileged to watch it and I’m starting a fundraiser to make sure every human in the world sees this god-like movie. Every moment was amazing. The animation as great. And I am now apart of the Bee Movie Cult. All hail Barry Bension.” – The Word, Amazon

“I love this movie. It is one of those that is cute and funny for both kids and adults. Has a few hidden moments of adult humors scattered throughout the show. My son, who normally won’t sit through a whole movie, even though he is 9, actually sits through the entire Bee Movie. I am a big fan of the fact that this movie not only entertains but teaches a bit of a lesson to us all for things that we take for granted. I think it is a message that even the younger kids can understand as well. I cannot say enough how great it is to have a movie that not only entertains kids and adults alike but that also teaches a message. I wish we had more like this.” – Danielle, Amazon

“One of our families favorite movies! There is a lot of educational information in this movie for children about bees and how important they are to us! It is funny and educational and the whole family loves it! I recommend this movie all the time to my friends!” – Michelle, Amazon

“Showed this movie at the end of a unit on honey bees and colony collapse disorder. My students love this movie (7th grade) and they also enjoyed pointing out all the ‘technical’ flaws such as real bee ‘jobs’ or roles in the hive.” – Eyeteachscience, Amazon

“This movie is so clever – but what else would you expect from Jerry Seinfeld? My son and I have watched this movie several times (he is now 12, and we just watched it again recently) – and we both enjoy it immensely. It’s funny, of course, but also makes you think about how all creatures have a place in our ecosystem. All of the supporting cast is great as well – with special props to John Goodman as counsel for the defense and Chris Rock as the misquito. There are many stars with great parts – including Sting and Ray Liotta. You will just love this movie!” – Joy E. Laine, Amazon

“This movie is a cinematic classic. The graphics, script, and story line are all excellently depicted in this wonderfully unique film. The voice actors are equally amazing and really bring the film to life. I would recommend “Bee Movie” to anyone who who wants to experience a comedy/drama/romance/thriller and includes a real- life lesson about responsibility and staying true to yourself. This film easily earns 5/5 stars and is truly a full-spectrum film experience.” – Amazon Customer


Cover for the film, Bee Movie. Features a close-up of a cartoon bee on a yellow background.

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