They’re crunchy.  They’re not oily.  They’re crunchy!  They’re all-natural and vegan.

Rhythm Super Foods makes kale chips and sweet potato chips perhaps the most minimal way one can- raw and vegan.  No added oils (except what occurs in nuts and seeds used in some flavors), raw sugar (used in a couple of varieties), and a slew of organic ingredients top off the awesome naturalness of these crunchy morsels.

The simpleness of the dehydrated Rhythm chips allows the flavors of the veggies and accompanying spices to come through clearly- no oils no muddle the experience or dilute the massive crunchiness.

We tried the Kool Ranch Kale Chips and the Hickory BBQ Sweet Potato Chips.  Both flavors met expectations.  We exclaimed, “These chips are probably the best packaged raw chips we’ve tasted!”  My kale chips were broken during shipping, which is a damn shame- though I still dumped every morsel I could into my mouth.  They were good.

They are crunchy.  Dehydrated things get that way.  A disadvantage of not making your own raw chips is having to buy packaged raw chips- which must be very fresh and handled very gently.  For they are filled with crunchy goodness and will break.

Another disadvantage of not making your own raw chips- cost.

Many scoff at the “high price” of raw convenience snacks.  I say, “Pshaw!”  Yes, convenience is a premium, and so is quality, I suppose.  At a bit over $6 per 2 oz. pouch, you should really feel like you’re getting some primo convenience. They say you’re getting 2 servings in one bag, I say, “Pshaw,” again.  As with most convenience foods, it seems, the “servings per container” recommendation is unrealistic.  If I’m paying over five bucks for two ounces of something, I’m darned likely to eat all two ounces myself, at once.  It also makes me feel more justified in spending those kind of drachmas when I get all these nutrients in the bag, all to myself:

You can find out more about them at the Rhythm SuperFoods Website.  You can also give them a like on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Rhythm SuperFoods Kale Chips & Sweet Potato Chips get 3 Goatz– they’re tasty nutritious, crunchy morsels, that are priced just below the Federal Minimum Hourly Wage.


Gratitude and thanks to Rhythm SuperFoods for graciously sending me some of their products to review

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