About Charleen Angle

Charleen Angle is a lover of all the Earth's animals an all the Earth's music. Trained in the Fine Arts, she's an outspoken and compassionate 13 year vegan who will spend the rest of her life working on behalf of animals everywhere.

Vegan News 7.3.13

Orangutan beaten to death in Indonesia, HSUS commends Quiznos for commodifying pigs 'humanely,' calls to end turtle derby in Maryland are dismissed due to 'tradition'

Vegan News 7.2.13

'Sustainable' palm oil still harming elephants, Nightingales changing migratory routes due to habitat change, India bans animal testing for cosmetics

Vegan News 6.28.13

Memorial service for Oregon bees, Israeli activists branded for animals, felony charges for man trying to behead dog, ant sex- how it's done.

Vegan News 6.27.13

Justin Bieber's ex-monkey leaves quarantine, wounded seal found to have bovine TB, mouse cloned from drop of blood to test large-scale animal production

Vegan News 6.26.13

Bison thriving on refuge in Colorado, leopard killed in Indiana, 'animal bridge' in Montana creates safe passage, geese roundup in Virginia to protect golf course