The non-profit Institute of Art and Ideas in London recently launched the IAI Academy, a free, online educational platform. One course got our attention, so here are the details!

Animal Rights Course

Mark Rowlands: Minds, Morality and Agency

Do we radically misclassify animals? University of Miami Professor of Philosophy Mark Rowlands challenges the boundaries between humankind and animals as minds and moral agents alike.

About the Course

Professor Rowlands spent a decade living with a wolf and uses that experience to examine flaws in the study of animal morality and to examine the human/non-human animal relationship. Learn more at IAI TV.

Course Syllabus

  • Part One: The Minds of Others
    From emotion to beliefs, how do we delve into the minds of animals? Do they explore ours?
  • Part Two: Rights for Life
    What rights should animals have? Should their interests not be overridden by human concerns?
  • Part Three: Can Animals Be Moral?
    Do animals act with compassion? If animals are moral, what would it mean for humanity?

Photo credit: Ed Schipul via Flickr

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