About Guest Contributor, Ann LaGoy

Ann LaGoy, founder of soundearth.com, was prompted by chemical poisoning to develop a line of 100% natural cleaning products. She incorporated her love of animals into her company by maintaining that no animal tests or animal ingredients be used in the manufacturing or development of her product line. Ann advocates for the underdog (cat, cow, person, etc). Gaining more awareness in her travels she is happy to shed many unnecessary wastes, and live a healthier lifestyle in mind, body and soul.

We’re Still In Trouble

Recently, the HSUS and the United Egg Producers came to an agreement about hen welfare. Some actually call this a huge victory. We're still in trouble.

Barium for Breakfast

I was fed a breakfast of barium. I choked it down because of the knowledge there had been millions of animals tested on to get me to this place.