About Guest Contributor, Jennifer Baldock

Jennifer Baldock is an avid animal rights advocate and vegan. She is currently working hard on starting her own non-profit organization for the needed veterinary care, repairs, and food for any and every animal that needs assistance to stay in their loving homes or shelters. By taking part in community events, holding local fundraisers for shelters, and spreading the word about a healthy, vegan lifestyle, she is hoping one day the world will be a place that she knows she can help transform where animals are recognized as life rather than sustenance. Her entire life she has known that animals were her passion and her ability to convey a message modestly and compassionately about animal cruelty, testing on animals, slaughter houses, and the hidden issues that the public would otherwise not know about, has helped her gain her status as a voice for animals on Long Island. You can follow her on Twitter, @TreasuredTails.

My Animal UN-Friendly Commute

I was horrified, but due to traffic flow I couldn’t get close to the truck and I lost it. So instead I cry in what is the worst case of helplessness I’ve felt in a long time.


Man, this is the most amazing feeling ever. Wow, I DID help change something AND someone! I know I can change more!