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Cover of the book, Life is Fair. Features a mostly black background covering a face with cutouts to show the eyes and nose.

Life is Fair

Author: Marion Raby · Subject: Fiction


Nora is many things; vegan, artist, sex addict, office worker, but on Thanksgiving, she is anything but grateful.

Five years ago, she divorced her cheating musician husband, and she hasn’t seen much of her dysfunctional family in exactly a year. All that is about to change. Nora’s sister, Delia, calls and invites her to have dinner with the whole family and later asks her to help care for their wheelchair-bound mother, Isobel. Nora hasn’t spoken to her domineering mother in a year, but she reluctantly agrees to bring food and sit with Isobel two nights a week in the hope of mending their relationship. If that weren’t enough to deal with, she runs into Vincent, the ex-husband who was the love of her life until he broke her heart. He says he’s changed and he wants her back.

While Nora spends time with her family and the smooth and charming Vincent, she soon realizes that her painful past still affects every decision she makes today, and if she wants a happy future as a successful artist, she must decide which relationships are worth mending and whom she has to cut from her life forever.

About the Author

Marion Raby was born in Austria in 1966. At the age of eighteen, she moved to California, where she met her husband. She lived, she painted, she worked, she had two children, and many cats. In 2005 she moved back to Austria with her family and one cat, where she began to write this book. She is currently working on her second novel and she hates the comma.

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Your Daily Vegan Review

Engaging and tear provokingly poignant. Forget what you’re doing, go read this book.


“I thought this was a great read! I couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what Nora would do or say next! It is written in such a real way that she could be your sister, your best friend or you! Loved it!” – Amazon

“What a wonderful book, a story, so great to read. I’ve totally enjoyed Marion Raby’s book, it’s a good story, full of hope, that everything in life is going to be okay, because ‘Life is fair’. I love the authors writing and enjoyed every page of the book. I would love to read the next book asap. Excellent Christmas present (also, because Christmas time is part of the story). Go and get this book!” – Daniela Lais, Amazon

“The author has so perfectly captured the struggles of adult women rarely discussed in society. Our ex-whatevers, complex mother-daughter relationships, and the importance of orgasms. You may see something of yourself in Nora. You will definitely understand women and relationships better. And the story is not one of those grab your ankles for everyone in your life stories. A strong female character with a spine is a nice change from trendy fiction these days. This book has staying power.” – Rebecca Mankey, Amazon


Cover of the book, Life is Fair. Features a mostly black background covering a face with cutouts to show the eyes and nose.

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